The Development Snowboard Team represents the future of the Snowboard Race Team and Freestyle Team. Membership on the Development Snowboard Team is open to young snowboarders age 7 and older who can comfortably ski intermediate trails (those marked with blue squares), are capable of getting on ski lifts independently, and demonstrate an interest in becoming competitive snowboard racers or freestyle snowboarders.  The Development Snowboard Team is an intensive training program designed to teach the technical skills necessary to safely and successfully progress into competitive snowboarding, and members of the Development Snowboard Team must be capable of putting in full training days.

Training Times:

The Development Snowboard Team trains weekend days from 9:00AM - 11:30AM and from 12:30PM - 2:30PM.  Athletes must be picked up by their parents for the lunch break.  The season typically begins the second weekend in January and ends in mid March.

Program Costs: 

Until November 1:     $574.00 ($499 Training Fee plus $75 PASEF Dues)

After November 1:         $649.00 ($574 Training Fee plus $75 PASEF Dues)

(Season pass not included)


Registration for the 2016 season is closed. Please contact Rob Friedrich at if you have any questions.