Foggy U14 GS at Blue Mountain

Conditions were grippy at Blue Mountain with fog that affectedvisibility especially on the upper part of the course. We had a few
DNFs on the first run (Avi, Lucca, Lucy, Max and Noah). Everyone came back strong in their second run and skied cleanly and looked great!

Ria finished at the top of our U14 women and was 21st overall just ahead of Jennifer. Tobey had the best PASEF time in the men’s division coming in 17th overall. We are proud of all our athletes! A strong congratulations to those athletes who now have their first race under their belts!

U14 Women Competitors (listed in order of how they finished)
Ria Chowdhry
Jennifer Salemy
Skyler Ross
Anya Suko
Lucy Preston

U14 Men Competitors (listed in order of how they finished)
Tobey Jay
Kieran OConnor
Lucca Correia
Noah Witherell
Avi Loren
Maxwell Rao


U10/U12 Conquers the Fog at Jack Frost

The U10/U12 was off to a foggy, foggy start. but the PASEF team rallied and had a great race!  It was the first time many of our racers had traversed a slalom course and they managed those quick turns around gates like champs.  First time racers Lynn, Victoria, and Lucca did great.  For the girls, Tessa and Effie had a bumpy start on the first run but turned it around had great 2nd runs. On the U10 podium Sienna took 3rd place and then on the U12 podium Jaden took 5th place.  For the boys, the real crowd pleaser was Jack Preston who finally conquered the mountain and finished a clean race!

On the podium, the U10 boys swept the podium with Curt Friedrich taking 1st, Tal Aluf Medina taking 4th and Lucas Rao taking 5th.