We're busily preparing for the upcoming winter season and hope that athletes and parents are excited to get back to skiing and riding. If you were part of the program last year, you should register for the team designated by Gus Picarello, Alpine Snow Sports Director. If you're new to the program, please see the program descriptions to learn what's best for you. If you would like to better understand which team to join, please contact Gus at alpinedirector@pasef.org. Gus will evaluate the age, skill, experience and objectives of the athlete, and direct you to the appropriate team.

In order to register, please follow the two step process below:

Step 1: Register with the team and pay your program fees

You can do that right on our website. Once you add the correct program to the Checkout Cart, you will be asked to provide information for the athlete and parent contact information. If you are registering for multiple athletes, just add the relevant program for the next athlete and you will be asked for the same information. Once you check out and pay, you will receive an email receipt for the registration. For returning athletes, all we need is a parent email and the athlete name since we already have your information. For new athletes, please provide all the requested information.

Step 2: Register with USSS

Every member of our racing, development or freestyle teams will need to be a USSS member. You don't need your USSS ID to complete the team registration and payment (Step 1), you can update us with your USSS ID at any time. Clicking on the button below will take you to the https://usskiandsnowboard.org/ website to register and obtain your USSS ID. If you need detailed instructions on how to register with https://usskiandsnowboard.org/, click here to see step by step instructions.