Ski racing equipment is typically higher quality than regular ski equipment but you don't need to buy everything right away. Speaking with experts at store locations or online sites will help you make a decision on what level of equipment is needed based on the experience of your athlete.

PASEF, USSA & the Ski Coaches work with several companies & Ski / Snowboard stores to find the best prices through negotiated discounts and manufacturer discounts known as “pro-form” or racer pricing (details available on request & additional USSA discounts for member are listed under the Member Benefits Section in the My USSA section, when you log in to the USSA website: USSA -  

When ordering directly or online from a ski store, always call & ask if there is USSA Racer discount pricing and have your USSA number ready. PASEF does not promote any one vendor, but our team members have come up with a list of suppliers that have been used over the years. Here are a few places to get your equipment:

Local Ski Shops - speak with experienced staff to help with selection and fitting, see the links below:

Online stores - browse and buy ski race equipment, see the links below:

We also have a one-time heavily discounted, team pricing for equipment at our Fall Meeting offered by the Loft Ski & Snowboard Shop and several Ski Company Vendors.