Your coaches will tell you what time to meet at the race mountain on the day of the race. All racers must make arrangements to get to the race mountain on their own. The team members do not travel together.

When you arrive at the mountain you will meet up in the lodge. As soon as you arrive you should register and get a bib (race number) to wear. The bib must be placed on the outside (showing) of whatever your racer will be wearing during the race. All older racers have race suits, while the younger racers (U12/ U10) may want to use their ski jackets and pants.

You will have to purchase a separate lift ticket for the racer and any parent who is going to ski on race day. These lift tickets are usually sold at the race registration table the day of the race at a reduced cost from the posted mountain price. DO NOT purchase tickets ahead of time.
The coaches will tell the racers when to be on the slopes ready to “inspect the course.” RACERS ONLY – no parents – are allowed to inspect the course. At this point the racers are under the control of their coaches.

Parents will usually be asked to volunteer to be a “Gate Keeper”. If you decide to volunteer, the mountain will give you a lift ticket for the day. If you decide not to volunteer, there are spots along the course where you can watch the races. Parents who don’t ski can walk up the mountain and watch. HINT: Snow shoes and/or ski poles help make the walking a little easier but are not required.
For U16, U14, U12, U10 races, the starting order is by a random drawing for the first race of the day. The second race has the top 30 racers start (slowest to fastest), then the remainder of the field is added to the starting list based on fastest to slowest time order of the first race time results.

For U21, U18 races, starting order is by the points system.