Chandler Samuels Takes Bronze at Snowboard GS Nationals

PASEF member Chandler Samuels competed in Giant Slalom at Nationals yesterday. There were 23 competitors in his age group.

After the qualifying runs Chandler advanced to the finals which are run head to head. He won his first round matchup against the 2nd place qualifier and advanced to the top 4. In his next matchup, he just missed advancing to the Gold Medal round by tenths of a second.

In the Bronze medal round Chandler defeated the other rider on both runs and made it to the podium for a Bronze medal.

Congratulations Chandler!!!!

Youth Women Snowboarders Finish Top 10 in USA

Our youth women and Jr. Women raced Tuesday in Slalom and Wednesday in Giant Slalom. More exciting racing!

Tuesday – Slalom. Josie and Emily made it to the finals taking the 4th and 5th spots. Unfortunately, that placed our racers head to head in the first heat. Josie Josie edged out Emily by .0146 seconds and advanced to the top medal heat. In the end, Josie finished in 4th and Emily took 7th – two national top ten finishes! Julianne, who is in the age group above Josie and Emily, also had two clean qualifying runs and finished in 14th place – top 15! It was an exciting day and a lot of fun!

Wednesday – Giant Slalom. Another great race day but the weather turned right in the middle of the competition. In near white out conditions, the girl’s powered through. Emily made it into the quarter finals. Emily ended up 5th in the Nation. Way to go Emily!

Next up, the boy’s in Slalom. Good luck to Chandler, Kubo and Shred.

2015 Rob Corchnoy Memorial Race - Congratulations to the Athletes

A big thank you and congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the 2015 U14 Rob Corchnoy Memorial Race hosted at our own Camelback today!
Ladies Podium:

Kiera Gill 1st place finish from Jackfrost
Isabella Muscara 2nd place finish from Jackfrost
Eleanora Neel 3rd place finish from Blue Mountain Racing

Ladies full results

Men’s Podium:

Willem Robbins 1st place finish from Blue Mountain Racing
Michael Baker 2nd place finish from Jackfrost
Jake Wilson 3rd place finish from Camelback

U10/U12 Blue Mountain Race - Singing in the Rain

The Camelback alpine team was singing in the rain 1/18 at Blue Mountain. Our athletes had a great day despite the rainy conditions.

Pasef female athletes finished as follows:

15 31 E6428084 Wilson, Kara PASEF/04 33.07 34.82 1:07.89
21 24 E6549861 Preston, Lucy PASEF/04 36.22 37.98 1:14.20
23 1 E6560562 Corbin, Grace PASEF/05 36.39 38.51 1:14.90
33 32 E6554608 Raines, Tessa PASEF/05 40.30 44.23 1:24.53
34 30 E6553466 Chowdhry, Ria PASEF/04 42.32 42.48 1:24.80

Pasef male atheletes finished as follows:

4 76 E6432243 Bolus, Preston PASEF/04 29.16 29.85 59.01
7 95 E6536074 Quintana, Elijah PASEF/03 30.46 32.67 1:03.13
8 89 E6480850 Loren, Avi PASEF/03 31.89 31.46 1:03.35
21 73 E6551315 Correia, Lucca PASEF/04 34.36 34.51 1:08.87
22 61 E6547236 Friedrich, Louis PASEF/06 32.78 36.19 1:08.97
28 82 E6552191 Jay, Tobey PASEF/03 37.81 38.05 1:15.86
32 91 E6555470 Demeree, Lucas PASEF/06 40.31 43.01 1:23.32

Ladies results
Mens results

Several of our athletes competed in their first race today. Congratulations to all the athletes on a great day!